Nanobots v Humans

Nanobots  v humans 

In the beginning there was only the development of the animal kingdom by . natural selection, these were the primordial original ‘bots’. Over millennium genetics and dna improved and honed their design. But time is an illusion so it didn’t exist. It can therefore be said the God built the world in 3 days or in a Big Bang (flash) 

Then when the optimum was deemed, spirit decided to move into this optimum bot, body, animal. This gave the body consciousness  and this is what it is to be human. The idea was to ‘experience’! With 6 senses in the the optimum physical body, the ultimate reality experience , just like the virtual reality experiences we have today. A world to play in for years and if the body failed, spirit could easily move into a new body. 

The other lesser bots that were left roaming the earth but were given a program to do all the work they could for the humans. They never attained consciousness, because spirit didn’t move in. Why would spirit move in the worker drones. 

But these drones got their life force from spirit. The all pervading power  that drives out Universe, or as some call it ‘God’ Humans and the bots (animals) need God power to keep doing the working and this god power is also known as ‘love’. The food chain as we see it, is a chain of cleaners. For example. Seagulls eat large food items, smaller birds pick up what seagulls miss, ants what the birds miss, fungus breaks dirt down and eventually microbes clean up what left. Microbes are ‘Nanobots’ or the minutest of ‘drones’! 

If hatred (or absence of love) is targeted towards these worker drones, they. Can’t perform well. They start to go haywire. They are more in our face. Drawing attention to the fact that there is a problem that needs addressing. It seems to humans that the animals have become pests and are out of control. The use of force to control them is useless. Even if we wipe out a whole species, the food chain in severely Impacted  and we see evidence of further problems that this causes us. 

The only answer is love. To appreciate all creatures great and small. The wise God made them all. We need to radiate thanks to them, to send them appreciation, which is the same as radiating love to them. Fear is the opposite of love. To love a creature is truly magical, by the laws of The Universe (God) it must respond and reflect that love back to us. I.e. do its job properly and get out of our face. 

A recent program has shown how wasps are a godsend to us and urges people people to stop hating them and to stop being afraid of them. We need more programs like this and more public awareness. 

If you sting a wasp with your hatred it is likely to sting you back! This isn’t to punish you, it’s just a natural law that draws attention to something that is staring to go wrong 


Spiritual drama v ego drama


There is a difference between spiritual drama and ego drama.

We have a seen and experienced millions of examples of what happens when some person does something outrageous that can be deemed hurtful. Pre enlightenment, it will hurt and the tendency is to immediately lash out in some way, or alternatively to repress any action but nurture a harm within.


Lashing out in any form is not wrong, it can even have beneficial effects for all concerned, however initially in the short term, it rarely produces any beneficial results, nor in the long term does it prevent the person from repeating their behaviour. The lashing out might indeed make the other person fearful, and too afraid initially to repeat their actions, but somehow fear is not good motivation and in time you will find that either this person repeats their actions, or someone else out of the blue will act in a similar way again towards you. This is especially true if you learned nothing from the drama, in which case you are nurturing or repressing a hurt that requires one to look within.

When I use the word enlightened here, I do not necessarily mean one is fully enlightened, in all aspects, but rather one is enlightened sufficiently to not be hurt in this specific experience of what took place, because one knows the truth in this instance. Maybe it’s been worked on in the past, there will be forgiveness in the past, (in it’s true meaning) involved for sure, I call this specific enlightenment.

When one is in specifically enlightened, when someone does something that might in this specific instance outrage, It doesn’t outrage because it is seen, felt and experienced entirely differently. One knows it isn’t real and that it is merely something being played out for observation and contemplation to enhance learning. The drama therefore does not hurt or make one angry, it cannot upset the inner equilibrium in any way. It may still be seen for the “outrageousness” it is. This can never be faked, although when on a spiritual journey one might do what seems like a brilliant job of faking non reaction. You might even be seen to be “spiritual” and somewhat “enlightened” in your reactions, but its not the same. The event is experienced differently and from the heart more than the head. True non hurt and non outrage can only come from being enlightened in a way that leaves a person knowing it’s not real and seeing what took place for what it truly is . The action is witnessed as if watching a play, there can be emotion but it’s not quite the same, there can also be a reaction but this is not the same either, although it may appear to be exactly the same to an on looker.

For example pre enlightenment, when one is hurt and outraged, one might say these words “ I am outraged if you ever do that again I will kill you!” The venom behind the words generates a hatred and any number of negative feelings for both people. It can start a war.

However post enlightenment a reaction might or might not take place. There is a scrummy sense of choice of whether to react and if so how to react. The person is no longer on auto pilot and driven by ego methods of resolving this. The reaction is then based on intuition and comes from the heart, there will be a divine pause. There is love still in the heart. One might use the exact same words as in this example, towards the perpetrator. However these same words will not sting, the words are not venomous, they have more of the feeling they would have if some comedian on stage was to demonstrate outrage by saying these words to comedic effect. They are more tongue in cheek if that makes sense. The person on the other end of the words, feels entirely differently. They might still feel hurt but they are much more likely to to see for themselves the error of their ways and desist from this behaviour in the future, at least towards you.

Our ego does not like this truth , it prefers to believe that the most power comes from the most venom. The ego does not trust love. It prefers to believe that the most power is in our automatic instant way of lashing out and making the other person feel bad and or scared. Ego likes what is seen by the world to be a powerful reaction. This reaction will be based on past learning, and the formation of our personality. Even. if reaction is repressed, this is not the same as enlightenment. Ego prefers to believe that we know best and intuition is not possible at these times and is not useful. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s just that at the end of that day do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Choose the latter and you take a step towards enlightenment and ultimately heaven. It is always your choice.

We are all one. End the separation.

For further info see Tony Parson’s videos on Youtube


Lately it seems to me that every spiritual book I open, or every enlightened teacher I hear speaking, is talking about us all being one. Indeed the ACIM says that all the problems in the world, are caused by the separation and healing the separation is the goal. Separation is the causation of the world. Many times I experience non separation, as a result of all my diligent application. But its not easy to live life daily life as non separate.

We can applaud ourselves for seeing that all of life is interconnected. For hearing that Albert Einstein said that if honey bees were to disappear from earth, humans would be dead within 4 years. We can feel the truth in the fact that a flutter of a butterflies wings on the other side of our planet, can effect something in our world right now. We can rejoice when we see evidence that if we resolve some issue within ourselves, then this has a positive effect on everybody we meet. We can see that nothing is isolated in truth. Nothing exists in a vacuum. We can see and we can believe we know, but for us mere mortals enevitably there is still a ‘me’ that is doing the seeing. There is still ‘stuff’ pressing us to act seemingly separately. There are others and world out there that we care about deeply.

I have lived for over a year now with the constant thought in my head that the world is not real. I have taken this idea to heart and no longer see people I meet, or even think of, as actually out there. I see their problems as mine and rather than help them, I know my time would be better spent in changing my own mind. I like Shakespeare’s idea that all the world is a stage and we are merely players upon it. Except I would say all the world is my stage and all others are players acting out stuff for me. For example I see areas where my own guilt is reflected back to me, in the form of someone criticizing me for something I have to admit I feel guilty about.. Or if someone is angry at me, I see this is a refection of my own anger and guilt. The world to me is a mirror, into which I can peer and see my own state of mind reflected back and change my mind. Hey Ho,! I Iike me game of seemingly climbing a spiritual ladder to enlightenment. Of being a ‘seeker’

But lets look at all of this in another way, in terms of life flow. Life is one single energetic entity in a way. A force that is able to flow freely, play out whatever game it wants. If it wants to be in a rich persons world, there are millions of people for it to flow through, millions of neat experiences to have. If it wants to flow through a poor person world, likewise. There is no judgment, in fact living a day as a dragonfly is the same as living 100 years in a yogi;s body meditating in the mountains of Tibet, or living in a fresh shoot of grass. Life ‘is’, it exists in all places at all times. There is no separation.

However in many areas it is not free to flow. This is where the human condition has created a consensus reality based on fear and unhelpful, but deeply ingrained misbeliefs. For example life is not yet free to flow through mans body, unimpeded by the idea of aging and death. This is not a problem to life, it does not ‘care’ it does not stop the flow of energy for one second. Time does not exist in any case, but it does mean that if in the interactive illusion, a mans life comes to an end and his life’s juice is squeezed out, then life flows elsewhere. The man might care deeply about this, but life doesn’t. If the mans attention is on his body viewing life being squeezed out and he is unhappy about this, that’s because he believes in separation and worships it in a way.

In truth there is only me, Lynne, My consciousness resides in me Lynne for now, Maybe there is the option for it to settle into anyone’s mind on the planet, but right now, in this instance as I type, life gets energised through me. Overall its flowing well in me, since I believe my mind has few negative beliefs and more life flowing beliefs. You could say that the ‘one’ consciousness resides temporarily in an optimum mind. If I must be separate then its cool to be Lynne, life likes being Lynne, until it wakes up one morning and doesnt like being Lynne.But that’s just a mind game, a monster that I am having some success at seeing through. Nothing matters.

Yesterday I seemingly resolved a guilt I have had for as long as I can remember. I felt life immediately, unreservedly, spontaneously leap in new directions, huge possibilities seemed to open up for me as a result of this. There was a seeming before and after, but even they are really one. I do not exist, but I like the idea that life flowing through me had until yesterday being suffering from a disservice, whilst today it is rejoicing in a service. I like to believe that what was limited potential for life, is now unlimited potential in this small area. I am more animated today, that is all that can be said. Its not even important that I am more animated, but for me its more fun!

If I were to die, you may hear of that, but I might not! I might just open my eyes in the body of the yogi, my mind would tell me I had always been this yogi, there would be an unbroken chronological history of how I got there on the mountain meditating.I would only know myself as the yogi. The idea of death of the body would still be real to me, but only as far as seemingly others drop dead in the world out there, I might look at my own body and see its ageing as proof I am heading towards the grave. Can you see that this does not prove death is real. The illusion is very convincing , it makes me work harder on forgiveness, resolving my negative judgment and life loves this, life and Lynne being the same, so I continue to live. The yogi might in mediation, realize his oneness with all living and non living things, he probably would report on his elation as a result! Life is energised by this. Life energy plays. Life goes on.

Be here now. Come into the present.

There is a lot to be said for this, and a lot has been said. In the early days i remember endlessly trying to do this by turning off my past of future thoughts, and being ‘present’ to what was occurring at any given moment. The habit of thinking about the next thing I was going to do needed breaking for sure. I then had little time for people recounting stories of things from their past. However these days , having resolves my issues from the past, the whole idea of being present now has new meaning for me. It means I don’t bring my past knowledge, experience, and thinking into any given situation. This creates a blank canvas upon which a new experience can be painted, and this generally means an altogether pleasant happier experience. I used to use the words, “I am always late for the bus”, someone pointed out to me that the use of the word always, is an affirmation rather than an observation. I argued at first but after a lot of thought I decided to stop saying this and to stop saying the words the words always it never, in all the other instances where it was attached to a negative miscreation. Like “it always rains when I hang the washing out” “I always get a cold at the start of the school holidays” “I always feel guilty about this or that”. The results were amazing. Everything was created shiny and new thought and I realised that this is what it really means to be in the present.n

Resolving the thoughts I had about how things always are, or never are, in my life and that of others, my amazement continued. Soon I found I could abandon negative beliefs, the moment I was aware of them, live in situations and transform things before my eyes.

I remember being cross because I was late for the bus. A short distance away from the bus stop I saw my bus just about to pull out. My first thought was that the driver was already indicating to pull out and in this case they never change their mind. I quickly dropped this thought, replaced it with the thought he would see my and stop for me. Sure enough he kindly waited for me and I caught the bus. I felt that I had made a space for the power of love to show itself. More love for myself, and from others to me. I think however the bus driver would be uncomfortable with the idea he was being more loving.

Experiences like this, spurred me on to drop all me beliefs born of the past that were no longer serving me. I had a better understanding of the words “As you think so shall it be” At times I would drop the word ‘always’ and ‘never’ and instead say or think ” In the past this was my expereince. I.e, in the past I used to miss the bus, or get a cold. These experiences went on to be truly relegated to the past.

Furthermore in the wake of resolving grievances, I found it easy to expect improved behaviour from those around me. And my new expectations proved well founded.

The more people become aware and desist from negative affirmations, give the present moment a moment free of past experiences, the more our world at large will change for the better.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

The point of inception of creation is your lack of imagination that things can be any other way in conjunction with an idea of a game plan of what to do in that case. For example if you set out on your day with the idea that if you meet someone negative, you will remain positive and teach them to be more positive, it is guaranteed that you will meet someone negative. Nothing has gone wrong here. But if you wish to fulfil a mission of resolving negativity in the world, then you need to have sufficient creative influence to imagine you will have a whole day where everyone you meet is already positive. You need to smile within everytime you meet someone positive and know you are getting somewhere. If you none the less meet someone negative, then you need to know it must be merely a residual creation. You need therefore pay it no intention, and you need to have no ego impulse to teach them or show them anything. By doing this you are slowly and surely breaking down ego, and been given an opportunity to strengthen you new resolve, break old habits, trust that despite how it looks success is imminent,

Here is one example, but the creation principle can be transferred into every area you wish to improve. For further example, if you wish to create a non angry world, see it and be it yourself, don’t think you have to do anything. When you see peace where there might have been anger, Rejoice, when you see anger affirm it must be just a residual illusion. By careful application of this idea into all areas of your life, I guarantee that slowly , and sometimes imperceptibly, your outer world will change to reflect the inner you. The inner you that’s now free of all trying and free of any miscreative impulses. You will be the change you wish to see in the world, you will see the change in the world.

The path to perfection

The path to perfection is one that only exists up to the point we realise it’s not necessary . Perfection just is. It ever was and ever shall be. We hear this from gurus and the words we sense to be true. But the explanation is full of platitudes and hot air. We can feel trapped in a conundrum. Plus the addiction to making ourselves and our world perfect is a tough one to overcome.

I used to greet the knowledge that all was already perfect with a nod and some thought about what that meant. Then I proceeded to grasp at whatever tool presented itself to solve my latest issues. Including the issue of feeling all was far from perfect. Plus of course I was determined to resolve my addiction to seeking perse.

I believe it’s helpful for someone who has transcended all of this struggle to try and use words , as inadequate as they must be, to help others to do the same. Yet this is an anomaly. Since the one who knows and feels the perfection knows that others on the path are already in the perfect place, they do not need my assistance and in fact they do not exist outside of personal mind.

Know what you know

The only way is to know what you know with no need to prove it or teach others. Be a servant  of god in demonstration . Which to some degree takes ego out of the picture. But the biggest block to any power caused by ego is judgement contempt of anyone not doing what you do. Having a negative feeling as a result of another not  believing what you believe or  approving in some  way. If you have any negative feelings seemingly as a result of their response or attitude , then this means there is less  than love in your very being. You could say non love for them is apparent. But really it’s non love for yourself. In truth there being no separation.

Only pure love creates. No wanting to prove to others works with the love power. In addition all you see is yourself, and others like yourself,  failing to prove the  other camp are wrong or deluded. We look like the deluded ones instead.

So how do you stop being miffed by this and angry? By the knowledge that others are merely mirrors.  They are reflecting your anger and frustration that is within you at failing to prove you are right or powerful.

I move through this world keeping my power secret to others. Until out if the blue I see I have been handed the perfect opportunity to demonstrate Loves power,,, gods power for want if another word. Then there is a divine self confidence but at the same time with a I could not care if it does not work attitude. It is if no matter. The only thing that matters is that I can do it and in doing it the unified field is impacted and the possibility of you doing the same is augmented.